Bachelor of Science, Technology and Operations Management, College of Business, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Certified TRUE Advisor, United States Green Building Council (formerly the US Zero Waste Business Council)
Certified Sustainable Resource Management Professional, California Resource Recovery Association

Jonathan Levy has worked in operations and supply chain management for more than 10 years. His depth of experience includes supply chain optimization in warehousing and distribution, to extensive waste characterization analysis and zero waste education and outreach.

Jonathan was first introduced to sustainable resource management in 2013 when he successfully completed the California Resource Recovery Association’s certification program. With his new certificate in hand, Jonathan began completing AB341 Mandatory Commercial Recycling Audits on behalf of waste haulers. From there he consulted on the Los Angeles Unified School District’s expanded recycling program, where he implemented lunchtime and classroom recycling programs at more than 100 schools throughout the district.

From 2014 to 2015, Jonathan worked directly with inmates and custody staff at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department, where he increased diversion at the Pitchess Detention Center from 30% to 50%, while reducing hauling expense by a respectable 28%.

From 2015 through present, Jonathan has been the face of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works’ Smart Business Recycling Program, conducting waste characterizations and outreach to more than 350 businesses in unincorporated Los Angeles County. Recommendations have included ways in which businesses can reduce waste, increase recycling, right size their hauling services, and assistance with contract negotiation.

From 2017 to present, Jonathan has overseen the transition of more than 2000 businesses into the City of Los Angeles’ recycLA program. Through his team of zero waste specialists, Jonathan helps the hauler he represents maintain compliance with City- and State-mandated regulations.

Prior to doing environmental work, Jonathan was an industrial engineer and supervisor for UPS and Target, where he learned the principals of process improvement and supply chain optimization. This foundation was the basis of shifting his focus from traditional to circular supply chains.

Jonathan Levy

Jonathan Levy

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