Every time Zero Waste Guy Jonathan Levy is mentioned in the press or interviewed in print, podcast or video it is listed here. See how his opinions and knowledge have shaped and progressed over the years. If you see any news stories or articles that are missing, please let us know!

March 2020
Entrepreneur – Does Sheryl Crow Really Use One Square of Toilet Paper at a Time?

November 2019
FoodPrint – 8 Zero Waste Blogs to Inspire Plastic-Free Living

September 2019
Dell Outlet – Into the Wild: The Buyer’s Guide to Picking the Best Computer

May 2019
Interview with the Golden Gladiators

April 2019
GoDaddy – 20 questions with Jonathan Levy (aka Zero Waste Guy)

March 2019
Choose Your Own Religion – Ep 128 – Composting Ourselves with Jonathan Levy🎧

November 2018


August 2018

Barista Magazine – Goal: Zero Waste. Talking Trash About Coffee: An Overview of Reducing Waste in Cafes


July 2018
Green Dreamer – Are you recycling properly? Expert tips from @zerowasteguy 🎧

June 2018

All About Waste – ZERO WASTE INTERVIEW SERIES: Zero Waste Guy

April 2018
Mashable – How to start a zero waste lifestyle
The Good Trade – 7 Zero Waste Blogs To Start Your Plastic-Free Journey

February 2018
Paris to Go – Zero Waste Men

January 2018
Treehugger – 9 Zero Waste experts to follow on Instagram
Winfield’s Outdoors – The Best Eco, Sustainability and Green Living Bloggers

December 2017
Go Hunt Life: Ep81 Left Corporate Excess to Start a Zero Waste Minimalist Movement of ‘No Garbage’ – Jonathan Levy 💪 🎧

October 2017
Adoshi.co – Meet A Conscious Shopper: Jonathan from Zero Waste Guy

June 2017
Disruptive Conversations – Ep. 35: Are you waiting on other people to be the change you want to see in the world? A Disruptive Conversation with Jonathan Levy 🎧

April 2017
Follow Your Heart – Every Day is Earth Day (or should be)
Which Side Podcast – Episode 225: We Talk with Jonathan Levy, the Zero Waste Guy 🎧

March 2017
Follow Your Heart – A Zero Waste Take on Spring Cleaning
Treehugger – 10 zero waste bloggers you should know

January 2017
Life and Soul Magazine – Zero Waste Guy Jonathan Levy on waste reduction
Inspirational Souls – No Wonder You Were Afraid to Ask #44 – Jonathan Levy – the Zero Waste Guy!
Eco Warrior Princess – 5 Zero Waste Lifestyle Advocates Open Up About Going Waste Free
The Delightful Table – Box No. 1: Waste Not Want Not

December 2016
The Sydney Morning Herald – Sustainable Style: How minimalism has stolen Christmas (in a good way)
The Dotted Green – How to Celebrate a Waste-Free Christmas
The Open Road Podcast – The Quest to Zero Waste and the Adventure of Self-Care 🎧

October 2016
GreenMatch UK – Best Green Lifestyle Blogs 2016

July 2016
Seeds of Sustainability – Zero Waste Guy on living minimalistically

May 2016
My Sweet Forties – These 10 Instagram Zero Waste accounts will inspire you
The Good Men Project

March 2016
CheckWorks.com – A Lesson in Humility that Launched a Career
Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack – 063 Zero Waste and Veganism with the Zero Waste Guy