My mind is open, my palette is sated. Vegan cooking has changed my perspective on the food I eat, where it comes from, and how the choices I make affect the environment. Check back weekly for my take on life as a zero waste vegan. Sharing recipes, experiments and other DIY ideas. 

As I sipped my green drink this morning I thought of it as a Breakfast of Champions. I don’t have a specific recipe or ingredients list that I use, but instead just blend whatever I have available in my kitchen. This one is made with water, kale, carrots, chia seeds, flax seeds, a pear and frozen banana. On a scale from horrible to amazing this one just takes fine, but honestly, fine is all I need this morning.

Marketing is such a powerful way to brand/brainwash/convince us to purchase a certain product. When you read Breakfast of Champions, what comes to mind? A kale-based green drink, probably not. Not only did I immediately think of Wheaties, but I started to picture a cereal box with athletes on the cover, like Michael Jordan, Grant Hill and Serena Williams.
Here is the Wheaties ingredients list. Ingredients are always listed by weight, which means that there is the most of the first ingredient and the least of the last one. Whole grain wheat is listed first and is probably the only ingredient on that list that one should eat. Listed next are sugar, salt, corn syrup, canola and/or rice bran oil, brown sugar syrup and other chemicals and preservatives. 

My breakfast was package, chemical, gluten, (added) sugar and syrup free. It’s hard to market “products” like kale and pears that comes package free with minimal processing. When you rely on marketers to provide you with the best product, consider who benefits the most: you or them.
When you prepare or purchase your next morning meal, ask yourself, “Is this my Breakfast of Champions?”